Over the last few days we have been listening carefully to the advice of the government, their advisors and our brave colleagues who work on the frontline of the NHS. 

We have tried to rationalise the delicate balance between maintaining the financial viability and future of our business, with the management of risk for our visitors over the last week. Sadly we feel we have reached the tipping point, where we have to act to protect the health of the most vulnerable people in our communities. 

It is with a heavy heart that, as from now and until further notice, that we have made the decision to close our doors. As a result, any appointments in our diaries will be cancelled until further notice. As you will understand, we have not taken this decision lightly, but feel that we have a part to play in society's role towards beating the virus. We would ask you to do the same by exercising social distancing and engaging in self isolation if you have any symptoms. 

We can now however provide a video or telephone consultation service to assist with expert advice, education and exercise setting and/or exercise progression. If this may be of interest to you or anyone you know who may benefit from it, please email me on or call us on 0115 9332385.


With very best wishes and kind regards,


Mike Whitehead and the team at Peak Wellbeing.