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*For Video consultations or clients wanting to attend using their health insurance policy, please call or email via our contact us page

Physiotherapy in Nottingham - Peak Wellbeing
Peak Wellbeing is a 
private physiotherapy practice in 
Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottingham.
We specialise in treating the whole person,
to help them achieve peak health.

Physio / Health / Lifestyle


We Treat People with:

  • back pain

  • neck pain

  • knee pain

  • ankle pain

  • shoulder pain

  • sciatica

  • osetoarthritis

  • sports injuries

  • weakness

  • tightness

*For Video consultations please call or email via our contact us page

Here at Peak Wellbeing Physiotherapy Clinic in Radcliffe on Trent, we recognise that health is more than just physical. Our physiotherapists take a "whole body" approach when treating you.


When you are in physical pain, it can affect your mental health and general well-being.


When you are not at your best mentally, this can manifest in physical ways. If you are struggling with stress, life balance or are not eating well, you can feel unwell with headaches, back pain, digestive problems and more. 


Holistic Physiotherapy Treatment in Radcliffe on Trent

We have developed a patient centred, philosophy of physiotherapy treatment at our Nottinghamshire physiotherapy clinic. 

We perform a detailed consultation and assessment of your pain, taking into account your stress levels, sleep and more. These assessments allow us to listen to you and help us determine a working hypothesis and fully explain this, along with devising a treatment plan to help you to get back to your best. 

Our expert physiotherapists are committed to both listening to and educating you, as you participate in a movement towards health and rehabilitation.


We believe that education is a vital aspect of your recovery, because if you can understand your injury and the way that your body and mind react to it, then you will understand how important your rehabilitation is and follow through with the recommended exercises at home. 


0115 9332385     INFO@PEAK-WELLBEING.CO.UK

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