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  • Mike Whitehead - Director

A New Post for a New Year

I’ve been meaning to put something down in writing for sometime now, so a new year and a new decade seems like as good a time as ever.

We’ve had some big changes at our physiotherapy clinic, Peak Wellbeing, which I'll get into in a later post, but before we do that I wanted to rewind around 18 months to talk a little bit about our rebrand and the thoughts behind the rebranding of our physiotherapy clinic to our current Peak Wellbeing brand.

For as long as I can remember I've always felt a little uneasy about being involved in the treatment of conditions within the traditional medical sense, because I didn’t think that surgery or medical management were always the best or easiest solution for people as a first option......(Sometimes medical or surgical options are the best option - and seeking a medical opinion if in doubt is absolutely necessary)  ..........and it was this that began the rumination of the idea that we as physio’s didn’t treat conditions per sé....but more that we treat real people and helped facilitate their understanding to give support through their physical health problems in a wide variety of ways. This was slightly at odds with my scientific background, which required the concise application of scientific principles & existing knowledge into treatment, without a great appreciation of the personal elements and the place someone has in the world. To clarify this a bit more, by personal elements, I mean the way physical health is impacted upon by our thoughts, our attitudes, our beliefs, our pre-existing knowledge and experience and the behaviour of those around us...........along with the way that these things impact upon our physical health in the opposite way. I had also made the observation that when people understand the way that the body reacts to physical stress they immediately feel more at ease about their experience of pain and often feel a sense of relief and improved sense of wellbeing.......just through that understanding. 

So it was this that fuelled the subtle change of direction, which was at the heart of the brand change. This is now hopefully supported by the feeling that it is possible with our support for those visiting us, to engage in our services and reach the very best outcome.

The change of brand was always going to be a bit risky with loosing the medically trusted physiotherapy name, but we really thought that we needed to challenge the idea of traditional treatment of physical conditions with purely physical means and move towards a supportive service to assist people through a process in a truly holistic and complete way, in addition to the tried and tested techniques that we use in physiotherapy. 

Now that we’ve been working under this brand for some 18 months now, we really think we have had, and can continue to have, a positive impact in our new skin. We hope to assist people to help them reach their PEAK WELLBEING

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