Mark and Mike have joined forces and are offering a holistic health MOT. 


Mark is a certified health and nutrition coach. Through his part of the assessment, you can identify areas for improvement to tune up your body and make it resilient to future problems. He'll do this by identifying your current patterns and habits with food, exercise and lifestyle. A session with Mark is perfect for you if you suffer from stress, poor sleep, tiredness, fatigue, other ailments or are just interested in striving for a better you.  


Mike is a chartered physio. His part of the health MOT will address your joint and muscle health. After a short discussion about your physical history, your family health history and any worries or concerns about future physical health, he will then assess your joint health and muscle balance across the joints. Where necessary, he will suggest strategies for improvement to help you become more resilient to muscle and joint problems in the future...... or improve your sporting performance if this is your aim!


Why wait for problems to occur......ACT NOW ... to make a better version of yourself.